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Sunday, August 1, 2010


saturday- p90x
 i still did not drink any diet cokes! and on the road we did not eat fast food:)
this week i was not too picky about what i ate bc i wanted to experience the food in nshville but i did eat small portions. like splitting my plate in half. i also drank a lot of water. in my coffee i would put honey and that's all.

sunday- no workout i was in the car driving from houston to nashville.
monday- workout out hour and a half p90x. drank 2 glasses of red wine.
tues-no workout. we were out and about eating all of this....had 2 alcoholic beverages. vodka and club soda.
wednesday- p90x almost 2 hours. i was fixing to get on the plane and usually to pass the time at the airport i get something to eat, this time i grabbed an orange and a bottled water. it satisfied me and i felt good. then i was bad again around 1 am and ate left over cold pizza in the fridge while watching true blood.
thursday- 30 min of p90x and then i got way too dehydrated and had to lay down.
friday- went to the gym with jacob bc i was scared to run outside in the heat. 30 min of treadmil played with incline and speeds. drank 2-3 glasses of red wine.
saturday-no workout. i worked then later i had a wedding. omg i ate bad too! it was indian food and mexican food heaven! and i had 2 pieces of cake, chocolate cake and white with rasberry filling!!!. oh and i had 3 vodka-club soda with lime so good!
 jacob is wearing the suit he wore to our wedding over 2 years ago and he looked GOODsundays
brandi at 129 pounds looks like i gained more weight on the scale but i know its muscle. so dont be discouraged when you see that. i know my fat is shrinking down bc my bra is too big now! the lady that told me i was a c cup was wrong!! i know my body! i told her i would be back to a b in a couple of weeks bc i was just bigger than usual but she said that my cup would not shrink. ugh! anyway my friend natalie told me my size 3 jeggings were looking big now. woooooooo! everything on my body feels tighter and my booty is lifting up hahaha
sunday (today) this is what i look like. sorry i just woke up so i look a little grumpy.