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Sunday, August 1, 2010


saturday- p90x
 i still did not drink any diet cokes! and on the road we did not eat fast food:)
this week i was not too picky about what i ate bc i wanted to experience the food in nshville but i did eat small portions. like splitting my plate in half. i also drank a lot of water. in my coffee i would put honey and that's all.

sunday- no workout i was in the car driving from houston to nashville.
monday- workout out hour and a half p90x. drank 2 glasses of red wine.
tues-no workout. we were out and about eating all of this....had 2 alcoholic beverages. vodka and club soda.
wednesday- p90x almost 2 hours. i was fixing to get on the plane and usually to pass the time at the airport i get something to eat, this time i grabbed an orange and a bottled water. it satisfied me and i felt good. then i was bad again around 1 am and ate left over cold pizza in the fridge while watching true blood.
thursday- 30 min of p90x and then i got way too dehydrated and had to lay down.
friday- went to the gym with jacob bc i was scared to run outside in the heat. 30 min of treadmil played with incline and speeds. drank 2-3 glasses of red wine.
saturday-no workout. i worked then later i had a wedding. omg i ate bad too! it was indian food and mexican food heaven! and i had 2 pieces of cake, chocolate cake and white with rasberry filling!!!. oh and i had 3 vodka-club soda with lime so good!
 jacob is wearing the suit he wore to our wedding over 2 years ago and he looked GOODsundays
brandi at 129 pounds looks like i gained more weight on the scale but i know its muscle. so dont be discouraged when you see that. i know my fat is shrinking down bc my bra is too big now! the lady that told me i was a c cup was wrong!! i know my body! i told her i would be back to a b in a couple of weeks bc i was just bigger than usual but she said that my cup would not shrink. ugh! anyway my friend natalie told me my size 3 jeggings were looking big now. woooooooo! everything on my body feels tighter and my booty is lifting up hahaha
sunday (today) this is what i look like. sorry i just woke up so i look a little grumpy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


wednesday-day 14
WORKOUT: i rode my bike on the hardest setting to and from michael's
i rode hard too and i didn't sit down at all.
breakfast- coffee, oatmeal and honey.
lunch-lemon ground turkey and rice from my fit foods.
dinner- 2 cheese enchiladas, black beans,  and 3 glasses of red wine. hey i love mexican food, and my cousin cooked!
snacks: cucumbers in apple cider vinegar, sun chips
thursday-day 15
WORKOUT: P90x (cardio) i did this at 11pm i was so scared i would miss my daily workout and i was exhausted after working all day but if i am going to be an example of no excuse i gotta get it done!
plus i ate 3 pieces of veggie pizza with hot sauce!
breakfast- coffee black, 2 boiled eggs no yolk.
lunch- lemon ground turkey, asparagus, rice
snack- hard boiled egg no yolk
dinner- 3 pieces of veggie pizza, and glass of red wine. it was true blood night
day 15
day 15
day 15
i am now a size 3 in jeggings from hollister. my friend natalie said my size 5 were getting to loose bc i kept pulling them up. i didn't believe her until she brought me new ones. size 3.
WORKOUT: ran/jogged/walked 3 miles at memorial park. my body was not feeling it today bc it was so hot outside and i ran after work instead of before work. but i felt good about myself after i ran. i'm starting to walk taller and more confident again.
P90X (ab ripper) man oh man was that an ab workout! it hurt so good! seriously loved it.
breakfast- 2 hard boiled eggs without the yolk. this was fine for me bc i had coffee and it was easy but its really not enough for breakfast. i was in a hurry so i made my self grab the last 2 hard boiled eggs on my way out. and downed a bottle of water.
lunch- myoplex bar (cookies and cream) 25 g of protein /sugars- only 2 g/cal 260/ fat 8 g
i got these bc its hard to eat while at work so i can just eat this in between clients and it doesn't take long.
snacks- baby carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs no yolk.
dinner- (salad from jasons deli) mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, mushroom. instead of dressing i used black beans and a scoop of low fat cottage cheese. DELISH! i was satisfied and full.

*Jacob is out of town so he is keeping up with his workouts daily:) so he say's:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tuesdays work out.

i started the morning off with coffee, powdered cream and honey.

in the morning i did these

when she ran on the stairs i did running in place with my knees coming really high. i also did lunges.

later on after work i ran outside for a total of 10 min bc it had just rained and the mosquito's were insane!
so i decided to hit the gym with jacob.

my shins were hurting yesterday so i walked really fast at an incline of 15 at 4.1 speed. i worked my heart rate up pretty good by changing the incline.

then i hopped on the stair machine( i like real stair better) and worked out on  levels 5-8. this is where i thought i was going to die! i looked like i took a shower and i was standing there waiting for my towel! i love that feeling!

after this i worked on abs and arms until i couldn't do anything. i used free weights in my ab excercises too!

treadmill - 1 mile sprints at level 10 incline then switching inclines and walking.
circuit training (4)  weights..

breakfast- oatmeal with milk and sprinkle of salt
lunch- salmon in a can, horseraddish mustard, dill relish, hot peppers. (SO GOOD)
dinner- small cup of cereal multi grain cheerios
late night tv snacking
10 sunchips (garden salsa)
1/2 of a mini ice cream sandwhich. (i needed something sweet)

ON MY IPOD: click to see video's
get ur freak on (this is how i used to start every morning in my first apartment!) MY JAM!
party in the U.S.A. ( yes it's true) shhh!

that's not my name ( they are so fun to listen to and sing i love when i forget people are around me!)
hard- i would love to have her body! she is just so cool!

my lady's house (good for cool down)

Monday, July 19, 2010

mondays workout.

today i cleaned all day so i know i was burning calories while dancing around.
our meals today:
breakfast: eggs, red and green bell peppers, green onions, avacado slices, and hot sauce.
lunch: tuna, black beans, crushed dill pickles. (lil mayo) horse raddish
dinner: ground turkey, black beans, scallions (shallots), tony's, fresh garlic and sliced avocado.
oooh and steamed broccoli.
snacks: almonds

my workout: marimethod's yometrics. (38 minutes)
then i searched netflix and found this. 
so i completed a little over an hour today, i still wish i would have ran but i didn't. i will do so in the morning:)
jacob's workout: gym. blah. he ran on the treadmill and did weights.

accomplishment: i drank a ton of water today! it helped drinking out of the gallon. i'm just gonna keep refilling it.
we will take photo's tomorrow because today it was raining all day.

im trying to start a new habit...
doing pushups and crunches before bedtime. try this before bed each night. it won't take long.

todays playlist: 
surfer blood - swim
the sun- justice
dum dum girls- jail la la
the dead 60's- riot radio
dam funk- mirrors
then i listened to old school tunes and cd's made for me in 2000.

sunday. day 11

what i ate:
i had breakfast with my mom and sisters.
i ate a veggie omelette and coffee. no croissants :(
then i had a second cup. no cream. just honey.
i drank lots of water.
for lunch i had lemon turkey and rice with asparagus (from my fit foods) so yummy!
for dinner jacob made mashed sweet potatoes, black beans, and asparagus.
i was bad about snacking bc i was so busy. bad brandi!
i even had 2 glasses on red wine to end my day.
for my workout:
i decided to RUN to my moms house. (3 miles)
but in the middle of my run it started to storm. i don't mind the rain but my ipod does so i sprinted underneath an elementary school and decided this was the perfect place to complete my work out.
 i ran, i lunged, i fake jump roped, i squated, i did 40 pushups, i did all kinds of crunches, i jump skipped, i did jumping jacks, i stretched.... i just kept my heart rate up and going for a whole hour. when the rain died down i ran the rest of the way to my moms house. completely drenched with my sweat. it felt amazing!
so in 11 days i weighed myself and i'm at 129. that's 5 pounds lost. WOOOOOOOOOO! the healthy way rocks!
japanese motors

Saturday, July 17, 2010


breakfast. egg whites, 1 yolk, bell pepper, red pepper, hot sauce.
snacks. almonds
lunch. turkey sandwhich on wheat. no mayo. mustard. lettuce. tomato. onions.
3 bottles of water so far...

today i had a legit excuse not to workout. it's that time of the month for me and it is complete HELL. but you know what aunt flo can't get the best of me anymore!!! after work today i went to the pool with natalie and justin while jacob went to the gym.

-i ran outside in the storm for 10 minutes. yes massive lightning and thunder, then i got a tad scared so i ran up and down the parking garage (4 floors) i sprinted hard going up the ramps and jogged the flat surfaces.
i did this twice.

-then i ran up and down the stairways. (4 times)

-after this i did walking lunges in natalie's hallway. i only did 60 today. then ran back and forth in the long hallways of the lofts.

-40 pushups (the girl kind, you know the ones with your knees down)

-abs: bicycles, scissors, regular crunches, elbow to knee side crunches. 3-5 minutes.

-i stretched good and hard. this is very important. get limber.

-then i sprinted down the stairs, through the storm and jumped in my car to move it so it wouldn't get stuck on the flooded street.

Girl Talk this will really pump you up! you must add this to your playlist! and guys this is not girlie music at all. do not let the name full you.

Friday, July 16, 2010


we are tired of making excuses why we can't work out or eat healthy.

there really is no excuse.
we have said:
"i dont have time." well wake up earlier and do it first thing.
"i can't afford a gym membership." you don't need one. you can watch videos online or go outside and start jogging! just start somewhere.
we started the fitness challenge over at mucho mucho bueno bueno and decided to give the whole challenge it's own blog.

so far we have been working out 10 days in a row and i feel amazing, i may not look amazing yet but the feeling is worth it!

Jacob -173 pounds/ 5'9" already lost 6 pounds
Brandi -130 pounds/ 5'3" already lost 4 pounds- i want to be stronger, leaner, and toned.
i don't want any rolls or cellulite. go away!

starting today we will share our work outs, photos, playlists, favorite work out gear and what we eat.

todays photo's.

our main problem area. our tummy's.
this morning i did 2 netflix videos just to change up my routine of running and working out outside. i did a 30 min video called CRUNCH and 15 minutes of a SELF video for your butt.
and i watched instantly, i didn't have to wait until they came in the mail.
i still plan on running 3 miles tonight after i get off work:)
my goal is to drink at least 8 glasses of water today.
i will post our meals tonight. i suggest keeping a food journal.
that way along the way you can see what you need to cut back on or it might make you think twice about eating it!
you don't have to go out and buy one. i made this one.