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Saturday, July 17, 2010


breakfast. egg whites, 1 yolk, bell pepper, red pepper, hot sauce.
snacks. almonds
lunch. turkey sandwhich on wheat. no mayo. mustard. lettuce. tomato. onions.
3 bottles of water so far...

today i had a legit excuse not to workout. it's that time of the month for me and it is complete HELL. but you know what aunt flo can't get the best of me anymore!!! after work today i went to the pool with natalie and justin while jacob went to the gym.

-i ran outside in the storm for 10 minutes. yes massive lightning and thunder, then i got a tad scared so i ran up and down the parking garage (4 floors) i sprinted hard going up the ramps and jogged the flat surfaces.
i did this twice.

-then i ran up and down the stairways. (4 times)

-after this i did walking lunges in natalie's hallway. i only did 60 today. then ran back and forth in the long hallways of the lofts.

-40 pushups (the girl kind, you know the ones with your knees down)

-abs: bicycles, scissors, regular crunches, elbow to knee side crunches. 3-5 minutes.

-i stretched good and hard. this is very important. get limber.

-then i sprinted down the stairs, through the storm and jumped in my car to move it so it wouldn't get stuck on the flooded street.

Girl Talk this will really pump you up! you must add this to your playlist! and guys this is not girlie music at all. do not let the name full you.

1 comment:

  1. that was my excuse today, too!
    mine can be pretty brutal, but today i pushed through.
    and i got in a good workout.
    and i felt so great after.
    sounds like you did too, lady! :)

    i love, love, love girl talk.
    it's definitely my ultimate workout playlist.