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Monday, July 19, 2010

sunday. day 11

what i ate:
i had breakfast with my mom and sisters.
i ate a veggie omelette and coffee. no croissants :(
then i had a second cup. no cream. just honey.
i drank lots of water.
for lunch i had lemon turkey and rice with asparagus (from my fit foods) so yummy!
for dinner jacob made mashed sweet potatoes, black beans, and asparagus.
i was bad about snacking bc i was so busy. bad brandi!
i even had 2 glasses on red wine to end my day.
for my workout:
i decided to RUN to my moms house. (3 miles)
but in the middle of my run it started to storm. i don't mind the rain but my ipod does so i sprinted underneath an elementary school and decided this was the perfect place to complete my work out.
 i ran, i lunged, i fake jump roped, i squated, i did 40 pushups, i did all kinds of crunches, i jump skipped, i did jumping jacks, i stretched.... i just kept my heart rate up and going for a whole hour. when the rain died down i ran the rest of the way to my moms house. completely drenched with my sweat. it felt amazing!
so in 11 days i weighed myself and i'm at 129. that's 5 pounds lost. WOOOOOOOOOO! the healthy way rocks!
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  1. woooohoooo great job brandi - i'm super impressed you can do all that outside in the texas heat! you're pretty rad, dude.
    i didn't work out sat. or sun. due to being in the car most of the day - i did swim for half an hour on saturday but it was lazy swimming with the kids... not laps. getting in my two hours today though!
    how has jacob been doing with the challenge?
    miss you guys.

  2. kassi! hey lady...jacob and i do it seperate but he likes going to the gym for weights. i like working out outside! :)
    ill show pics later:) i wish we could all be together!
    lauren started her blog too! we are all gonna be in shape together! yay!

  3. good job lady! i'm going to zumba tonight and tomorrow and on wednesday i'm going with craig early in the morning to run on the track and do stairs at the high school near us. he goes there to play basketball a few days a week in the a.m. so i thought i'd join him....let's see if i can handle the early morning wake up!

    p.s. taking photos of all my food is a lot of work!