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Monday, July 19, 2010

mondays workout.

today i cleaned all day so i know i was burning calories while dancing around.
our meals today:
breakfast: eggs, red and green bell peppers, green onions, avacado slices, and hot sauce.
lunch: tuna, black beans, crushed dill pickles. (lil mayo) horse raddish
dinner: ground turkey, black beans, scallions (shallots), tony's, fresh garlic and sliced avocado.
oooh and steamed broccoli.
snacks: almonds

my workout: marimethod's yometrics. (38 minutes)
then i searched netflix and found this. 
so i completed a little over an hour today, i still wish i would have ran but i didn't. i will do so in the morning:)
jacob's workout: gym. blah. he ran on the treadmill and did weights.

accomplishment: i drank a ton of water today! it helped drinking out of the gallon. i'm just gonna keep refilling it.
we will take photo's tomorrow because today it was raining all day.

im trying to start a new habit...
doing pushups and crunches before bedtime. try this before bed each night. it won't take long.

todays playlist: 
surfer blood - swim
the sun- justice
dum dum girls- jail la la
the dead 60's- riot radio
dam funk- mirrors
then i listened to old school tunes and cd's made for me in 2000.


  1. your meals today sound delish! yumm... makes me hungry!
    way to go brandi - i did an hour of tracy andersons mat workout dvd and then an hour of rebounding... drank a lot of water but ate crap - a slice of lemon pie, kashi cereal and then kashi bars... that's it. blah
    i saved that video you tweeted on netflix... will do it soon.
    love ya

  2. I did the ab workout from the video last night at the gym and I loved it!! Thanks for posting it!!

  3. I love that you dance while cleaning - I love to dance and sing while cleaning. I usually crank up VH1 classic videos or put it on Retro Rock on our TV and just belt out hair metal while rocking around the house. Makes chores way more fun!