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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tuesdays work out.

i started the morning off with coffee, powdered cream and honey.

in the morning i did these

when she ran on the stairs i did running in place with my knees coming really high. i also did lunges.

later on after work i ran outside for a total of 10 min bc it had just rained and the mosquito's were insane!
so i decided to hit the gym with jacob.

my shins were hurting yesterday so i walked really fast at an incline of 15 at 4.1 speed. i worked my heart rate up pretty good by changing the incline.

then i hopped on the stair machine( i like real stair better) and worked out on  levels 5-8. this is where i thought i was going to die! i looked like i took a shower and i was standing there waiting for my towel! i love that feeling!

after this i worked on abs and arms until i couldn't do anything. i used free weights in my ab excercises too!

treadmill - 1 mile sprints at level 10 incline then switching inclines and walking.
circuit training (4)  weights..

breakfast- oatmeal with milk and sprinkle of salt
lunch- salmon in a can, horseraddish mustard, dill relish, hot peppers. (SO GOOD)
dinner- small cup of cereal multi grain cheerios
late night tv snacking
10 sunchips (garden salsa)
1/2 of a mini ice cream sandwhich. (i needed something sweet)

ON MY IPOD: click to see video's
get ur freak on (this is how i used to start every morning in my first apartment!) MY JAM!
party in the U.S.A. ( yes it's true) shhh!

that's not my name ( they are so fun to listen to and sing i love when i forget people are around me!)
hard- i would love to have her body! she is just so cool!

my lady's house (good for cool down)


  1. canned salmon is one of my staples, too! I guess I get that from my Dad (who's 97) and must have passed it on :-)

  2. my favorite healthy snack is banana ice cream. and by banana ice cream i mean i put a peeled frozen banana in the blender with a splash of milk and blend it until it is creamy and the consistency of soft serve. it works and is super good!

  3. youre an inspiration

  4. excited to try these roxy workouts. i youtubed it and there are a ton of them, so i'm definitely going to be doing these :). thanks for sharing!