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Saturday, July 24, 2010


wednesday-day 14
WORKOUT: i rode my bike on the hardest setting to and from michael's
i rode hard too and i didn't sit down at all.
breakfast- coffee, oatmeal and honey.
lunch-lemon ground turkey and rice from my fit foods.
dinner- 2 cheese enchiladas, black beans,  and 3 glasses of red wine. hey i love mexican food, and my cousin cooked!
snacks: cucumbers in apple cider vinegar, sun chips
thursday-day 15
WORKOUT: P90x (cardio) i did this at 11pm i was so scared i would miss my daily workout and i was exhausted after working all day but if i am going to be an example of no excuse i gotta get it done!
plus i ate 3 pieces of veggie pizza with hot sauce!
breakfast- coffee black, 2 boiled eggs no yolk.
lunch- lemon ground turkey, asparagus, rice
snack- hard boiled egg no yolk
dinner- 3 pieces of veggie pizza, and glass of red wine. it was true blood night
day 15
day 15
day 15
i am now a size 3 in jeggings from hollister. my friend natalie said my size 5 were getting to loose bc i kept pulling them up. i didn't believe her until she brought me new ones. size 3.
WORKOUT: ran/jogged/walked 3 miles at memorial park. my body was not feeling it today bc it was so hot outside and i ran after work instead of before work. but i felt good about myself after i ran. i'm starting to walk taller and more confident again.
P90X (ab ripper) man oh man was that an ab workout! it hurt so good! seriously loved it.
breakfast- 2 hard boiled eggs without the yolk. this was fine for me bc i had coffee and it was easy but its really not enough for breakfast. i was in a hurry so i made my self grab the last 2 hard boiled eggs on my way out. and downed a bottle of water.
lunch- myoplex bar (cookies and cream) 25 g of protein /sugars- only 2 g/cal 260/ fat 8 g
i got these bc its hard to eat while at work so i can just eat this in between clients and it doesn't take long.
snacks- baby carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs no yolk.
dinner- (salad from jasons deli) mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, mushroom. instead of dressing i used black beans and a scoop of low fat cottage cheese. DELISH! i was satisfied and full.

*Jacob is out of town so he is keeping up with his workouts daily:) so he say's:)


  1. where are the pictures of jacobs progress?

  2. that's great brandi! you're inspiring me to keep up with mine also :) thanks

  3. brandi! you're doing so great.
    seeing all your progress, foods, workouts makes me sad i haven't been keeping up.
    time to get back on track!

  4. dude!

    you look great!

    i can totally see a difference :). keep it up lady...looking hot!

  5. I totally agree with Lauren! You look absolutely great!
    There is definetly a difference to the first bikini pictures!
    You are setting a great exampel and motivating me to keep up!

  6. you look great!!! I love when work outs hurt but in a good way too!!!

  7. Ab Ripper X is a freaking beast! I hate it and I love it. Right before I almost want to whine and cry like a baby because I have to do it... then after I'm finished I'm cheering for myself. I still can't do all 25 reps of all the different moves but I've come so far in just a little under 2 months and it feels great.

    You look awesome - Congrats on the jeggins! I want to try those this fall, they look amazingly comfortable - I have never been brave enough to wear them for fear of serious muffin top. However, my muffin top is starting to disappear so I have nothing to worry about or complain about :)